Automotive Parts Welding

Beamalloy specializes in automotive parts welding. We provide high-efficiency electron beam welding that provides the strength and precision that today’s most complex automotive parts need. Our electron beam welding services render efficient products for all types of automotive parts, including:

  • Transmission components, including shaft and clutch carrier assemblies
  • Planet carriers, including micro-alloyed steel and carbon steel
  • Turbocharger impellers, including shafts and impellers
  • And a multitude of other types of automotive components

Electron Beam Welding for Turbochargers, Automatic and Manual Transmissions

Beamalloy provides high-strength and high-precision welding for turbochargers, automatic and manual transmissions. Our electron beam welding process allows extremely precise welding for any clutch, shaft, gear, synchronizer, converters, impellers, shaft assemblies and planetary gear needed.

Welds can be, in fact, shaped exactly as requested with incredibly strong joint geometry. Beamalloy provides the narrowest welds possible that last through the highest speeds and the most extreme temperatures. Our welds help minimize automotive wear and tear for all types of vehicles.

Beamalloy Electron Beam Welding Specialists

Get highly specialized and cost-effective electron beam welding at Beamalloy. We produce all types and volumes of automotive welds with the highest strength available on the market. Beamalloy is the cost-effective choice for high-quality welding. Contact us for a Beamalloy automotive electron beam welding test, today.