Electrical Systems Welding

Beamalloy provides specialized welding for electronics. We provide electron beam welding for any electrical materials, especially aluminum, coppers, and stainless steels. Our specialized electron beam welding techniques render efficient products for all types of electrical equipment, including the following types of electrical equipment:

  • Cooling plate welding for semiconductor manufacturing
  • Heat sink welding for temperature-sensitive electrical components
  • Welding for hermetic sealing of electronic packaging
  • And many other specialized options

Electron Beam Welding for Electrical Systems

Electrical systems are comprised of sensitive components that need to be strongly welded as the components perform in demanding environments. Beamalloy provides the strong welds that electrical systems need without causing any electrical or thermal damage to electrical components.

Beamalloy Electron Beam Welding for Strong Electrical Welds

Electron beam welding is an especially good choice for welding electronics due to its precise and strong welds. Using electron beam welding, materials such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel are strongly welded to exact requirements, protecting electrical systems and allowing long-lasting welds in the most demanding environments.

To see for yourself just how strong and precise Beamalloy electron beam welding is, we provide test welds. Contact us to see how Beamalloy can work for your electrical systems, today.