Electron Beam Alignment

Electron beam alignment is an important part of the electron beam welding process for any successful welding job, including all electron beam welding projects. Beamalloy understands that precise electron beam alignment is important regardless of the size, shape, and mechanical strength of the weld that is needed.

Electron Beam Alignment and Precision at Beamalloy

The Beamalloy electron beam welding process includes electron beam alignment. To achieve electron beam alignment, we utilize a 20x microscope to align the center of our beam to the center of the weld joint at high accuracy of less than .003.

Beamalloy Meets Precision Welding Needs

Beamalloy electron beam welds are consistently precise for each electron beam weld. All welds are performed in temperature-controlled areas where all environmental properties are maintained.

Beamalloy provides reliable, high-quality electron beam welding. We offer new process development, all in-house and custom-designed tooling capabilities, as well as a weld test. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your precision welding needs.