Electron Beam Welding

The three major advantages in the electron beam welding process are:

  • Low total energy
  • Controllability
  • Purity

Low total energy

  • A narrow fusion zone is produced by a high power-density electron beam. The total energy required is about 1/25 that of other types of fusion welding.
  • Distortion of the workpiece is greatly minimized.  Useful for precision fabrication.
  • Property changes in the workpiece materials are greatly minimized.
  • Confined heat energy permits welds close to heat-sensitive materials, such as plastics, glass-to-metal seals, electronic components, etc.


  • Superior control over penetration and other weld dimensions and properties. Power range is more than 1000:1.  See also Beamalloy’s TriBeam™ process.
  • Long working distance permits welds in normally inaccessible places.
  • Highly repeatable welds, produced with automatic control of weld parameters.


  • A clean vacuum environment, less than 10 -4 mm Hg, eliminates oxides etc.
  • Reactive materials, such as titanium and columbium, can be joined.
  • Dissimilar materials can be joined.  See Bi-Metallic Joints.
  • Post weld clean-up and second operation machining are reduced or eliminated.