Medical Equipment Welding

We excel in high-precision medical equipment welding. Beamalloy high-precision electron beam welding services are applied to life-saving medical tools. We provide services for the latest medical technologies. Our electron beam welding services render efficient equipment for all types of healthcare purposes, including:

  • Lifesaving tools for hospital activities
  • Office equipment for medical and dental practice activities
  • Cutting-edge tools for pharmaceutical production
  • And a countless number of other types of equipment

Medical Tool Fabricators

Beamalloy provides precision welding for cutting-edge medical tools of all sizes, materials, and purposes. We provide the highest strength welding on the market for the most heavily-used tools as well as incredibly high-precision welding for the most intricate devices. Low heat effect combined with our unique high-purity welds performed in a high vacuum chamber ensures that welding is not only precise and high-strength but is as sterile as is needed for most medical equipment.

Beamalloy Cost-Effective Electron Beam Welding Solutions

Beamalloy electron beam welding is cost-effective in two ways. First, we provide free test welds for you to decide the design of the tool and fit for the purpose. Second, we have the capability to weld multiple materials at once while maintaining our level of quality regardless of the volume or types of materials and all at a comparably low price. Our welding process saves you time and money. Contact us to see how Beamalloy electron beam welding can help your healthcare, today.