Oil and Gas Equipment Welding

Beamalloy are experts in oil and gas equipment welding. We provide electron beam welding that lasts through the most high-pressure, corrosive, and high-stress environments, which is what today’s oil and gas market needs. Our electron beam welding services render efficient products throughout all three oil and gas sectors, including:

  • Exploratory equipment for upstream (E&P) oil and gas
  • Transport systems for midstream oil and gas
  • Processing tools for downstream oil and gas
  • And a countless number of other types of equipment

Oil & gas equipment welding.

High-Strength Electron Beam Welding

Beamalloy electron beam welding service is high-precision and the highest strength and purest welding option on the market. We provide extremely high-strength welding of similar and dissimilar metals with the least heat-affected zone (HAZ) and with little thermal heat distribution so not to damage heat sensitive electronics inside tools to be welded. We use a unique high-purity high vacuum chamber in order to eliminate oxides and avoid other damages that others may ignore.

Beamalloy Cost-Effective Electron Beam Welding Options

Not only do we provide the highest strength welding option in the market, but we also have the capability to weld multiple materials at once, even if the materials are dissimilar or reactive. Regardless of the volume and type of materials being welded, Beamalloy electron beam welding maintains its signature precision as well as its strength. Beamalloy is the cost-effective choice for high-quality welding. Contact us to see how Beamalloy electron beam welding can help your oil and gas project, today.