Quality Control


Each individual weldment is assigned a numbered weld procedure. This weld procedure lists the parameters used to produce the weld(s) for this particular weldment. Any significant change to the weld procedure dictates an increment to the revision level of the weld procedure document.

After the initial weld procedure is developed, the document is stored by both electronic and hard copy methods, and is cross referenced to a customer’s purchase order, part number, quantity, and date of purchase.

The customer is kept informed as to the weld procedure used on his particular job by including the weld procedure number, revision level, and operator code on Beamalloy’s shipper and invoice.

Welding Standards

Beamalloy maintains the following standards on file:

  • AWS C7.1M/C7.1: 2004 Recommended Practices for Electron Beam Welding
  • AWS C7.3: 1999 Process Specification for Electron Beam Welding
  • Copies may be purchased from the American Welding Society (AWS).


Beamalloy maintains equipment calibrations, traceable to NIST.

Sectioned Samples

Beamalloy has the in-house capability to produce sectioned weld samples – cutting, polishing, and etching – complete with digital microphotography. These digital photographs can have magnifications greater than one hundred. Beamalloy has the capability to e-mail microphotographs to the customer.

Hardness Testing

Beamalloy maintains a Rockwell Hardness Tester for in-house hardness testing.

Straightness Testing

Beamalloy uses a set of precision rollers with a micrometer readout for testing the straightness of cylindrical and tubular weldments. Tests can be made before and after welding to determine the effects of the weld. A calibration bar is part of the testing equipment.

Leak Testing

Beamalloy can provide production helium leak testing. Helium leaks smaller than 10-8 cc/second can be detected. Beamalloy maintains a current Calibrated Leak which is routinely used to verify the calibration of helium leak testing equipment. Read more about helium leak testing.

Mechanical Measurements

Beamalloy maintains length standards for verifying the calibration of the various mechanical measuring tools.