Helium Leak Testing

Production helium leak testing is an important part of precision welding. It is used to detect the smallest leaks. Electron Beam welded parts should be tested for leaks with helium leak testing as opposed to alternative destructive or non-destructive methods.

High Leak Rate Sensitivity

Helium leak testing has a high leak rate sensitivity. Beamalloy specializes in production helium leak testing services. With Beamalloy, helium leaks less than 1 x 10-8 cc/sec can be detected.

Calibrated Leak Maintenance

Quality production helium leak testing requires a calibrated leak both before and after each helium leak testing service. Calibrated leaks are designed for calibrating helium leak detectors. Calibrated leaks must be properly maintained in order to produce the most precise helium leak testing results. Beamalloy uses a calibrated leak rate to verify and maintain the calibration of helium leak testing equipment and for testing certification.

Beamalloy Meets Precision Welding Needs

Beamalloy provides critical production helium leak testing. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your precision welding needs.