Sectioned Samples

Sectioned samples of electron beam welding demonstrate the quality of the welding work performed, in-detail. Sectioned weld samples may be cut, etched, polished, and micro-photographed, as is determined needed for the best analysis. Sectioned samples are personalized for each weld.

In-House Sectioned Weld Samples with Beamalloy

Beamalloy produces sectioned samples in-house. For each sectioned sample we offer cutting, polishing, etching, and digital macro-photography.

Macro-Photographing Capabilities for Sectioned Samples

Photos provided may be magnified greater than one hundred times in size, as is needed for the best results. All sectioned sample photos produced at Beamalloy may be emailed to the client for weld parameter approval prior to welding the production parts.

Sectioned Weld Sample Excellence with Beamalloy

Beamalloy specializes in providing sectioned welds. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your precision welding needs.