Straightness Testing

Straightness testing is employed upon cylindrical and tubular weldments. Straightness testing involves testing before and after the Electron Beam Weld process subject to a precise rolling fixture.

Straightness Testing Equipment for Precision Engineering

A precision ground calibration bar is used for straightness testing of the precision rolling fixture equipment. Test results may be determined using a micrometer readout.

Ensuring High-Quality and Straight Parts from Electron Beam Welds

When a customer calls out a straightness requirement, Beamalloy will provide for straightness tests before as well as after electron beam welding work is completed. Beamalloy can help with a joint design with testing for critical straight parts. This ensures a perfectly straight part. The straightness testing process utilizes a high-precision rolling fixture designed for testing cylindrical parts.

Straight Cylindrical and Tubular Welds at Beamalloy

Beamalloy provides straightness testing. Our straightness testing ensures the straightness of cylindrical and tubular weldments. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your straight weld needs.