Weld Procedure Documentation

Weld procedure documentation is a part of the electron beam welding quality control process. Professional weld procedure documentation ensures that each electron beam weld meets client standards.

Documentation for Quality Control at Beamalloy

Beamalloy provides weld procedure documentation as a part of electron beam welding quality control services. Weld procedure documentation steps at Beamalloy are as follows:

  1. Each individual weldment is assigned a numbered weld procedure which lists the parameters used to produce the weld(s) for this particular weldment.
    1. Any significant change to the weld procedure dictates an increment to the revision level of the weld procedure document.
  2. The initial weld procedure is developed.
  3. The document is stored via both electronic and hard copy methods and is cross-referenced to a customer’s purchase order, part number, quantity, and date of purchase.
  4. The customer is kept informed as to the weld procedure used on their particular job by including the weld procedure number, revision level, and operator code on Beamalloy’s shipper and invoice.

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