Semiconductor Manufacturing Welding

Beamalloy provides the precise welding needed for semiconductor manufacturing. We provide electron beam welding for the many delicate materials used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Our specialized electron beam welding services render efficient products for all types of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, including:

  • Aluminum or stainless steel cooling plate welding
  • Precise inlet/ outlet fittings welding
  • Factory-grade semiconductor manufacturing equipment welding
  • And many other complex weld geometries

Electron Beam Welding for Semiconductors and Fabrication Equipment

Most semiconductor manufacturing requires small components to be very strongly attached and sealed, with low thermal distortion. Semiconductor fabrication uses electron beam welding to ensure precise, safe, and strong attachment of electrical components. Welds may be as shallow or deep as needed, depending on the size and purpose of the components.

Beamalloy Electron Beam Welding Provides Needed Complex Welds

Beamalloy maintains needed dimensions to precisely weld components over milled channels. Aluminum or stainless steel are expertly joined as well as other specified materials. To test out for yourself just how Beamalloy meets complex weld specifications.