Why Electron Beam Welding?

Why Electron Beam Welding?

Low Total Energy – Total energy required is about 1/25 that of other types of fusion welding.

Controllability – Superior control over penetration and other weld dimensions and properties, welds in normally inaccessible places.

Purity – A clean vacuum environment, less than 10 -4 mm Hg, eliminates oxides etc. Reactive materials, such as titanium and columbium, can be joined.

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  • More than one-quarter million Electron Beam Welds and counting
  • Weldment lengths up to 16 feet
  • Weldment diameters up to 18 inches
  • Weldment weights up to approximately 150 pounds
  • Part thickness from .002 inch to 0.50 inch
  • In-house tooling capabilities
  • Ultrasonic parts cleaning equipment
  • Sectioning and microphotographing capability
  • Helium leak testing
  • Manufacturer of custom wire cloth filters since 1993
  • Clean air conditioned shop
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Electron Beam Welding

The three major advantages in the electron beam welding process are:

Low total energy, controllability and purity.

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Wire Cloth Filters

Beamalloy can produce welded wire cloth filters to customer specifications. Wire cloths of the plain dutch weave type, and the twilled dutch weave type are particularly suited for filter applications.

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Quality Control

Each individual weldment is assigned a numbered weld procedure. This weld procedure lists the parameters used to produce the weld(s) for this particular weldment.

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Tri-Beam Process

Beamalloy has developed a proprietary electron beam welding process, which we call the TriBeam™ process. TriBeam™ refers to the left side, the right side, and the central area of the electron beam in Beamalloy’s welding equipment.

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Weldment Preparation

The Beamalloy electron beam welding process does not add metal to the weld joint. Therefore, the joint must be cut square with little or no surface chamfer so as to provide the metal for the weld.

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Bi-metallic Joints

The preparation of useful bimetallic weld joints requires that the constituents of the joint do not form undesirable products while molten or during cooling.

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